Join the Zahal Shalom Family!


Volunteer s are essential to the success of our entire program. Any type of help you can
provide is greatly appreciated – planning daily trips, creating emails, outreach, planning
events, fundraising, helping transport, etc….Every aspect of our program.



Hosts play a pivotal role in the program by providing a loving and attentive home, and participating in the daily program. As a host family, you are the veteran’s “home base,” offering lodging, breakfast daily, occasional dinners, as well as transportation to a daily meeting site and from a pick-up point. There are events that require your attendance, but, trust us – you won’t want to miss any opportunity to be with your Veteran. Most importantly creating strong familial connections with the veteran. Hosting is a rewarding experience enhanced by sharing responsibilities with your chosen Buddy Family.

Become A Buddy Family

Buddy families support the host family. You participate in all aspects of welcoming your veteran without providing housing.


This program is paid for 100% by donations from our community. These contributions ensure the program will continue for years to come. Be a partner in supporting Israeli Disabled Veterans.

Zahal Shalom is a recognized 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.